Tamas Nadas and Lou Ferrigno on the new comedy short film ‘PERPS’


As film festivals were cancelled in the wake of COVID-19, some quick-thinking independent filmmakers have made the best of the situation and opted to release their movies online. Last week we looked at one such release, PERPS, a short comedy about two stoners who volunteer to beat up a cop's romantic rival to get out of an arrest, but quickly learn they're up against much more than they bargained for. The movie is directed by Alejandro Montoya Marín and stars Tamas Nadas, Kenneth McGlothin, John Kaler, Lou Ferrigno, and Madi Frost.

Tamas Nadas is a Hungarian-born actor and martial artist. He won his first national championship as a teenager, and was welcomed onto the Hungarian national team of the World Karate Federation. He's won gold medals in tournaments in Europe and around the world, and has since moved to the United States. Here, he became a police officer and entered the movie business, both as an actor and as a producer. His most recent feature is Millennium Bugs.

Nadas produced and co-stars in PERPS alongside actor Lou Ferrigno. Best known for playing Bill Bixby's super-strong, green-skinned alter ego on TV's The Incredible Hulk, Ferrigno was first seen on-screen as the rival of another future actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the competitive bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron. He went on to star as Hercules in two films in the 1980s, and later had a memorable run playing a pseudo-version of himself on The King of Queens.

Nadas and Ferrigno were kind enough to answer a few questions about the film and current affairs over E-mail. If you haven't seen PERPS yet, you can stream the full movie here before reading our Q&A.