Perps Review


Perps, written and directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin, stars Tamas Nadas and John Kaler as Tamas and John, two stoner buddies who, after getting caught smoking a joint outside of a movie theatre, get arrested by a super disturbed cop (Officer Diego, played by Kenneth McGlothin). Officer Diego is distraught that his ex-girlfriend Maria (Krista Bradley) has a new romantic interest and he just can't handle it. Scared of going to jail, John makes a deal with Officer Diego where Tamas, a black belt martial artist, will beat up Maria's new boyfriend so Diego can then arrest Tamas, save the day, and look good in front of Maria. 

Well, that's the thought, anyway. Tamas isn't too keen on the scheme (nor is Diego's partner Officer Joy, played by Madi Frost), but Tamas doesn't want to go to jail so he agrees to do it. When they all arrive at Maria's house, Tamas and John find out that Maria's new beau is an actor. At that moment Tamas figures that taking out this actor will be easy because actors are more interested in how they look as opposed to actually being able to do something. And then a moment later, Tamas and John find out that the actor in question is the Lou Ferrigno.

Lou Ferrigno? The goddamn Incredible Hulk? How the hell is Tamas or, really, anyone, supposed to take out the Hulk? 

Perps is a slick, well-made, and funny as hell comedy short film. It moves along briskly, is kind of goofy but never outright ridiculous, and features a top notch, incredibly likeable cast. The only real issue with the movie is that it's too short. When it's over you will wish that it went on for another ten or twenty minutes because you not only want to see what happens next, but you also want to spend more time with these characters. Where do they go next? What do they do next?

Tamas Nadas and John Kaler are a terrific duo. They have easy chemistry and you totally buy that they're best friends. Nadas, a legit badass martial artist, gets to show off some of his killer karate and comedy skills in a hilarious montage training sequence where we see him break boards, eviscerate a piñata, and completely destroy a pillow. And Kaler does a great job playing the smart but also kind of stupid sidekick as John.

Kenneth McGlothin is a batshit force of nature as Officer Diego. When you first see him you have no idea what the hell is going on with him. Is he crazy? When you find out that he's just upset about his ex-girlfriend you start to feel for him because the man is clearly under a lot of emotional stress. You don't condone his flagrant use of bear mace on Tamas but you understand why he's so out of it. The man is having a seriously bad day. And Madi Frost does a good job just trying to get through her shift without too much nonsense as Officer Joy. She doesn't really succeed at avoiding nonsense, but you like her for trying.

As for Lou Ferrigno? He sure as hell knows how to play a man you don't want to mess with. You will laugh. 

Perps is currently available on YouTube (you can check it out below). It's well worth your time. And, heck, it's not even ten minutes long. You can spare ten minutes.

Watch Perps. Watch it, watch it, watch it! HERE

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