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Tamas was great and easy to work with. A real pro. The whole cast was great. I wish we had more time to work together!

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As film festivals were cancelled in the wake of COVID-19, some quick-thinking independent filmmakers have made the best of the situation and opted to release their movies online. Last week we looked at one such release, PERPS, a short comedy about two stoners who volunteer to beat up a cop's romantic rival to get out of an arrest, but...

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Perps, written and directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin, stars Tamas Nadas and John Kaler as Tamas and John, two stoner buddies who, after getting caught smoking a joint outside of a movie theatre, get arrested by a super disturbed cop (Officer Diego, played by Kenneth McGlothin). Officer Diego is distraught that his ex-girlfriend Maria (Krista...

Like music festivals, film festivals have all but vanished in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tribeca Film Festival, which we've covered every April in New York for years now, has already gone the virtual festival route, and we're warily looking ahead to some of UTR's other favorite fests - New Orleans Film Festival, Toronto International...

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